By MAHITA GAJANAN October 24, 2018

A number of suspicious packages sent to Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, CNN and other public figures and organizations were found to contain explosive devices this week, setting off a nationwide search for the person or people responsible.

As law enforcement officials work to find the source of the bombs, experts say they will try to determine the source of the materials used in making them, question mail carriers who may have been involved in delivering them, and look for video footage of the deliveries themselves. No person or group has taken responsibility for the attempted attacks thus far, and no motive has been established.

Scott Alswang, executive vice president of SOS Security and a 20-year Secret Service agent, says authorities will also be looking at security camera footage for clues. People with Secret Service protection like Clinton and Obama typically have high-quality cameras on their premises, meaning there’s a good chance of finding revelatory footage, he says.  “If they get real lucky, they can do some facial recognition and grab a suspect pretty quick,” says Alswang.

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