SOS Security is one of the fastest growing private security firms in the country, but apart from that we are a family, we are a community and we are geared towards helping you succeed.

At SOS Security what you’ll find is not only the training and tools needed to perform and advance in a particular job, but the support, leadership and involvement from your team lead all the way up to the CEO to ensure you have the opportunity for growth within SOS Security and beyond. We want you to reach your goals whether that entails internal growth or advancement externally, and what better way to do that than with a company, nay a community that wants that for you as well? With a career as a Security Officer you are embarking on a path with limitless growth opportunity in a high demand field.

The first step to have the support and tools needed to reach your potential is to consider a career as a security officer. Think of the lives you’ll change. You will be at the forefront in making a difference every day in peoples’ lives. You never know what is happening in someone’s life when you interact with them. Quite often in security, providing peace of mind and a friendly smile can literally change someone’s outlook. What’s more, at SOS Security, you not only receive crisis response training, dealing with everything from assailants to natural disasters, but you will also become CPR certified. Our officers have used CPR in the field and have saved numerous lives. Think of the lasting effect and pride you will feel when you know that you are equipped with the know-how and the recognition from your family of coworkers to make a difference in the world. Whether through your performance or training, you could quite literally grant someone the lift they need to continue moving forward. That is a feeling that words themselves could not describe.

And if you are seeking job fulfillment, then security may be for you. How amazing is it to know that you could be responsible for safeguarding your clients property, and giving a little bit of happiness and joy back into the community. We want you to feel that pride and joy that our security officers feel. We want you to reach your potential and learn valuable skills. So, is a career in security the right choice for you?  Do you care about people and leading by example? Are integrity, kindness and service important to you? Do you want a career with a family that cares about you and making you the best you can be? Do you want endless growth possibilities and to feel proud of what you do?

If so, now is the time to secure your future and join our team. View current openings at www.sossecurity.com/careers. We can’t wait to meet you.

About Author: SOS Security

Founded in 1969, SOS Security is one of the largest privately-owned security companies in the U.S. with nearly 15,000 security professionals working domestically and around the world through foreign regional joint ventures and strategic partnerships. A proven leader in the security and protective services Industry, SOS Security is headquartered in Parsippany, NJ and has offices throughout the United States and resources servicing over 100 countries.