SOS Security partners with our clients to protect their people, assets and reputations. Recently, Officer Mike Moten  was responsible for a major theft recovery effort, saving our client over $20,000.

We sat down with Mike to talk about the incident and his career with SOS Security.

Tell us about your current role at SOS Security. What do you do at your job?

A big part of my job is observing and reporting, keeping an eye out for anything that looks amiss or should be investigated further. Aside from that, I try to provide excellent customer service, help co-workers and customers have a great day, and just have fun.

What does the client ask you to do on a day-to-day basis?

Often, the client simply needs help. I’m the one person there who they feel comfortable talking to. So I try to have an approachable look, one that says they can come to me for anything. When someone has a question or concern, I strive to be helpful and provide a sensible answer.

Recently you were recognized for something you did on the job. Tell us what happened.

We had a thief who’d been stealing from the client over and over again. He targeted my store several times. The management had trouble catching him because he was so sneaky. At first, I sat back and observed him. I picked up on his patterns, studied him, figured out who he was. Once I knew I had the right guy, I approached him with basic conversation. This allowed me to get a good description of him. I reported my findings to management, and the suspect was caught. Since I had a close interaction with him, I was able to pick him out of a lineup and positively identify him. We recovered four wallets worth over $5,000 each.

What was the client’s reaction?

The client was pleased. They haven’t had this many recoveries in a long time. They even surprised me with a few gifts at work, plus a bonus check. But the most rewarding part was knowing my contributions are valued and that they’re happy I’m there.

What is your favorite part about working for SOS Security?

The hands-on training. No one is barking orders, telling me, “Stand there! Do this!” They are right there beside me, showing me different things throughout the day, different ways things can go wrong, different scenarios that might play out, preparing me for the worst.

What about the client? What is the best part about working for them?

I love being in my store with the great store director. She’s awesome! I have fun every day, greeting the customers who come in, giving excellent customer service, always seeing happy faces and no sad ones. Most people I know go to jobs where they don’t like this person over here or that person over there and can’t wait to go home. Me, I can’t wait to get to work!

If someone came to you for career advice, why would you tell them to join SOS Security?

Because the possibilities are unlimited. When I joined SOS Security, I had no security experience at all. They trained me from the ground up. They gave me a genuine career opportunity and helped me grow not just in my career but as a person. SOS Security changed my life!

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