Executive protection services mitigate the elevated and ever-changing personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors.

as-logoSOS Security, through our subsidiary AS Solution, provides advanced Executive Protection services, including:

Executive Protection Services
Corporate executive protection program consulting, development, implementation and staffing. We help corporations set up customized protection programs, then provide executive protection managers and agents as needed. We provide both turn-key, outsourced services and embedded programs that provide management expertise and manpower within the client organization.

Close Protection
Our expert agents protect the principal 24/7/365 or as necessary at work, at home and while traveling. Executive close protection programs include the option of covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents as far from the principal as possible.

Secure Travel Logistics
Count on us for trained and vetted security drivers and secure vehicles, route planning, traveler tracking and related services so principals can work and travel efficiently and safely wherever they need to go – worldwide.

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVAs)
We recommend that an RTVA, which provides an objective evaluation of current security challenges, forms the foundation of all risk-mitigation measures. RTVA’s are the foundation of the overall security master plan, designed to negate identified critical threats.

Residential Security
Protection of the principal and family at their primary and other residences is often an integrated part of our executive protection programs. We provide customized combinations of manpower and technology supported by procedures that are designed around the individual family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Intelligence Analysis
Our expert analysts, either embedded into the client organization or located offsite, monitor and interpret a wide spectrum of risks, threats and other information that can affect the organization and its principals.

Operations Center Services
AS Solution provides logistical and incident response support by monitoring, consolidating and reacting to intelligence, traveler-tracking information, alarms and other predefined criteria.

We safely remove people from high-risk situations on short notice. This can be due to political unrest, natural disasters or other threats.

Workplace Stability Services
We provide preventive strategies, protocols and manpower to mitigate and respond to on-site threats. Manpower solutions include on-site emergency response teams as well as on-call agents.

Executive Protection Training and Professional Development
The AS Solution Academy provides world-class training for our own staff, employees of our corporate clients and selected third-party professionals. Generally, our classes are not open to the public.


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