OfficerTrax™ is modernizing security by putting security management at your fingertips. It is a customizable mobile application that provides real-time reporting, patrol monitoring, and GPS tracking to enhance transparency and speed decision making. We combine the best aspects of existing technology with new capabilities to create this one-of-a-kind solution that can be tailored to your needs. And, with a cloud-based server, your data is always readily available and secure.

Real-Time Reporting  – OfficerTrax™ automates reporting with real-time special incident, daily activity, and facility assessment reports. During patrol rounds or when special incidents occur, OfficerTrax™ automatically prompts the security officer to answer site-specific questions. OfficerTrax™ instantly generates and sends typed and spell-checked reports so you have information fast.

GPS Tracking – GPS Tracking gives you the ability to “see” exactly where your security officer is operating without leaving your office. SOS Security’s supervisory team draws a geo-fence around the boundaries of your site. If the security officer moves outside the geo-fence boundary, or fails to move within a standard patrol timeframe, OfficerTrax™ automatically sends a notification to our supervisors and live dispatcher operating 24/7.

Patrol Monitoring – OfficerTrax™ uses QR scanning software to register security checkpoints during security officer patrols. We work with you to determine the appropriate number of checkpoints and frequency of patrol rounds. During each patrol, the security officer scans the QR codes with the site smartphone. The OfficerTrax dashboard shows you the historical progress of each patrol, the number of times each checkpoint is scanned, and elasped time since the last scan.

Electronic Post Orders  – With OfficerTrax™, site post orders are at the security officers’ fingertips. Anytime and anywhere, our security officers can retrieve their post orders along with any unique instructions, eliminating the possibility of guesswork.

OfficerTrax™ Provides:

  • Transparency through instant web-based access
  • Efficiency with real-time customized reports (daily and special incident)
  • Rapid response via live monitoring and 24/7 dispatch
  • Integrated GPS tracking, QR codes and geo-fence technologies
  • Data security and availability using cloud-based server

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