SOS Security recognizes the unique and vital role loss prevention, compliance and auditing play in a healthy bottom line.

To meet these unique needs, Custom Risk Solutions, our brand of risk management solutions, provides loss prevention services that help maximize profit by minimizing preventable inventory and other asset losses. Similarly, Custom Risk Solutions provides compliance and quality auditing services that help protect organizations from preventable legal, financial and reputational liabilities due to noncompliance with government, industry or other regulations – and to ensure that critical selected quality standards are consistently met.

The Custom Risk Solutions approach is based on four principles:     

Comprehensive and integrated: Services are designed to meet a broad spectrum of client needs in an integrated way. From the assessment and design of risk mitigation programs to their implementation and staffing, from deterrence to emergency reactivity, from hourly security officers to highly skilled data analysts, we combine an extensive range of proven services that work together to give clients end-to-end solutions to their risk mitigation needs.

Fact-based methodologies:  Custom Risk Solutions starts most assignments with vulnerability diagnostics, an evaluative process that identifies all key factors that contribute to risk and loss, including operational process gaps, theft, poor controls, systemic flaws, and inadequate training. From these baseline assessments, the team establishes remediation strategies for identified exposures by benchmarking the organization’s performance against industry best practices. Statistical analysis of key performance metrics is also a central component of our approach. Before formulating remedial strategies or deploying resources, Custom Risk Solutions skilled and experienced staff will identify trends and root causes to provide clients with customized predicative loss indicators and other reports to measure program efficacy.

Qualified people: Custom Risk Solutions knowledgeable compliance and loss prevention experts is your guarantee of reliable results. All consultants have relevant senior management experience from the client side that enables them to understand the operational contexts of risk mitigation at all levels of the organization.  Their expertise and certifications, including OSHA, C-TPAT and ITAR, ensure that projects move quickly from diagnostics to remedial action.

Scalable: As a trusted specialist partner, our Custom Risk Solutions team serves a wide variety of customers in many different ways. Some clients choose to outsource their entire compliance auditing and loss prevention function. Others rely on us for security officer services only. Still other clients, many with their own extensive in-house asset protection, risk management and loss prevention programs, use our powerful cloud-based platforms for self-auditing, location assessments and reporting. Whatever the need, our services scale quickly and flexibly – from one to many, from simple to complex, from local to national and global, from end to end.

Custom Risk Solutions include:

  • Vulnerability diagnostics for asset protection, loss prevention, risk management and liability mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance and quality assurance evaluations and 3rd-party audits – OSHA, C-TPAT, ITAR
  • Evaluation, design and implementation of programs for risk mitigation, loss prevention, compliance assurance, quality control, and customer retention
  • Mobile and desktop solutions for data platforms, statistical analysis, reports, dashboards and scorecards
  • Incident and case management systems
  • Security personnel, procedures and technology for retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, etc.
  • Mystery shoppers and other field-based information gathering
  • Internal and franchise investigations
  • Revenue containment solutions designed to assist distressed companies
  • Training and consultancy


Retail, manufacturing, supply chain/logistics, hospitality, food services, industrial, consumer products, education, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.


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