Security operations centers (SOCs) are hubs that centralize and integrate people and technology to enhance the security of the organization’s people, assets, supply chains and other critical interests.

Aaron Silverman, Director, Business Intelligence, was the featured speaker at a Security Seminar at Niagara College in Ontario, Canada recently, sharing our expertise with students.

“SOCs all of all kinds, located on the client’s or on our premises, are staffed to detect and respond to security incidents 24/7, and to act as communication centers for routine and emergency security procedures,” said Silverman.

His hands-on presentation delved into the many ways corporations use SOCs to ensure reliable and ongoing monitoring of video feeds, sensor-based alarms, emergency messages and other incident reporting tools, and to coordinate responses to these in a timely way. SOCs may also include traveler tracking, intelligence gathering, and intelligence reporting.

SOS Security’s approach is based on our broad experience in providing multi-faceted security programs for organizations with many types of facilities and risk scenarios globally.

“We add value by partnering with clients to design and implement SOC solutions that are customized to their needs. Because we operate SOCs in a variety of different ways, across different industries and territories, we can provide the advantages of scale, using best practices and repeatable processes enabling SOCs to be set up quickly and cost-efficiently,” he added.

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