Airports are among the busiest and most vulnerable places for security breaches—particularly the largest airports with numerous entry points.

Passenger security breaches make headlines, but the Associated Press has identified 345 instances where people made it through perimeter fencing or other airport barriers—as opposed to instances within airport terminals—between January 1, 2004, and mid-February 2016.

Professional security officers are one part of a multi-layered physical security strategy. With more 30 years of experience securing both domestic and international airports, SOS Security officers help provide access control at vital airport entry points to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources. Officers also perform  routine interior and external patrols to protect airport personnel and property from damage or harm.

Our airport security capabilities include:

  • Uniformed/non-uniformed and armed/unarmed officers security personnel
  • Badged escorts, (walking and vehicle) for vendors, contractors, operations and cargo on both the secured side (airside) and unsecured side (non-restricted areas)
  • Securing all construction of runways and expansions
  • Cabin inspection and baggage area security
  • Special security of flights to high-risk destinations •
  • Protection of restricted areas, cargo, airline hangers and ramp patrol
  • Access control and ID card validation for restricted areas
  • 24/7 patrol of facilities
  • Vehicles inspection for secure areas
  • Passengers and personal belongings are screened using a walk-through or portable metal detector
  • Emergency response to security breaches, bomb threats, or medical
  • Wheelchair attendants to assist and escort passengers

An Elite Team  
All SOS Security recruits complete an in-depth pre-screening that includes background and reference checks; drug screening and, as required, behavioral analysis; physical fitness assessment and more. Once onboard, all officers participate in our professional development program, which includes modules for:

  • TSA SIDA testing and training: All employees must complete and pass the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) training before being employed at any airport.
  • Security as a customer service 
  • Emergency first aid
  • Client- or site-specific skills

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