“By embracing the advantages of diversity, SOS Security is better equipped to meet the business challenges of the future.”

                                            – Edward B. Silverman, CPP, Chairman & CEO

SOS Security is committed to optimizing our employee’s work life and encouraging respect and an inclusive environment where people are valued. Our commitment reflects our dedication to helping our employees thrive in their careers and at the same time fulfill their individual needs, goals, and priorities. Because our people are our strength, working to ensure their well-being contributes to our future and the success of our clients.

Our strong commitment to optimizing work life encourages inclusion of all people by maintaining a work environment supported by policies and procedures that foster a nondiscriminatory work place. Through fair, equitable, inclusive treatment of every employee, we create an environment of respect where our employees are a valued asset.

Our diversity reflects our appreciation of all employees, partners and clients. At SOS Security, we seek to:

  • Explore our multi-faceted backgrounds and cultures
  • Build connections among diverse employees throughout all levels of the organization
  • Include everyone, as each of us adds a unique dimension to our workforce
  • Recognize that one person does not represent an entire group, and that all groups encompass great variety

Diversity is part of our culture and corporate values. As such, employees are always engaging in a variety of activities that enable connections and opportunity for people of all backgrounds. Just a few of the initiatives include:

  • Many participate in professional events and conferences to highlight opportunities for inclusion, such as Women in Security initiatives.
  • Employee groups connect and engage via a social intranet, using internal discussion boards to share ideas and opportunities to celebrate cultures both in and outside of work.
  • We routinely share information and articles on a myriad of topics, including diversity, health and wellness, and development opportunities. Sharing information via our social intranet ensure all employees are able to engage and participate in a variety of conversations.
  • Staffing teams continue to make strides in developing connections with college, senior, veteran and other groups to make SOS Security the employer of choice and set the standard for industry.
  • We work hard to ensure supplier diversity, opting for women, veteran and minority-owned businesses whenever feasible.




“We all play a role in supporting workforce diversity by attracting, developing, and retaining a spectrum of individuals who are passionate about their work and are eager to share their talents. SOS Security values diverse ideas, cultures and traditions as they reflect the communities in which we live and work. By harnessing our diversity, we enrich our work lives and optimize solutions for our clients.”

Leslie Watkins

VP Human Resources , SOS Security