In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are spotlighting Alicia Dudley, Corporate Recruiter and breast cancer survivor. Alicia shares her story in hopes that we will heed her lesson – early detection saves lives!

Q. How did you first learn about your diagnosis?
I found out I had cancer when I went in for my regular mammogram.

Q. How did you feel when you heard the news?
My first reaction was “are you sure?” I immediately thought death; like I am going to die. I was scared; I cried.

Q. Describe your journey.
I didn’t have to go through chemotherapy, but I did have surgery followed by 22 treatments of radiation. I became cancer free September 22, 2017 because I caught it early.

Q. You were working during this time; was that stressful?
It was a very stressful year, especially for my family. Everyone was very, very supportive at SOS Security. I never had to worry about taking time for treatments because my SOS family was equally invested in my recovery. The HR team even had custom t-shirts made to show their support; it was definitely a journey.

Q. Did you get involved in any support groups during/after treatment?
I tried joining different groups but in the beginning of the year it was overwhelming with everything going on. My friends and family, inside and outside of work, served as my support and I am grateful for that.

Q. How has this experience changed you/your perspectives?
After going through that, I do not let anything stop me. There was a point in April of 2018 when I couldn’t stop crying. It took me a couple of months to mentally get together. I tell people, I had cancer it did not have me. I can joke about it now because I am doing well. I found out and got rid of it.

Q. As a survivor, what advice do you have for others?
My advice to everyone single woman and man is first, go to the doctor regularly. Women give yourself exams. I haven’t missed a mammogram in 16 years. Early detection saves lives!

Thank you for sharing, Alicia! While Breast Cancer Awareness Month happens once a year, join Alicia and spread awareness and encourage others to be proactive with their health throughout the year. Learn about breast cancer here.

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