SOS Security is equipped to protect the employees, customers, facilities, property, data and other assets of banks and financial institutions. Our risk management experts will help you identify physical and cyber security risks and design the most effective solutions to mitigate them. Our security officers protect your servers, data centers, facilities and critical infrastructure—and their perimeters—providing a physical deterrent to vandalism, theft and unauthorized computer network and equipment tampering.

Proprietary, internal customer service training prepares our security officers to provide caring and authoritative, but nonconfrontational, support to deescalate and resolve potential problems. In addition to site-specific training to meet client expectations, our officers undergo extensive and ongoing training in the areas of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED), bloodborne pathogens and specialty patrol techniques to respond to emergencies and other incidences.

Security and Service With a Smile

At SOS Security, we pride ourselves on the professionalism of all of our employees and understand that they may be the first people your customers and visitors see and interact with. We have the talent to staff your property not only with security personnel, but doormen, concierge attendants and receiving room personnel. We train our security officers to provide “security with a smile,” and all of our personnel render services and assistance in a friendly and courteous manner. Among the services they provide are:

• Meeting and greeting guests and customers
• Badging and checking in guests and visitors
• Accepting deliveries and responding to suspicious packages
• Controlling and screening all gates
• Monitoring alarms and security cameras
• Patrolling the premises, including parking lots and garages
• Providing after-hour escorts to people’s vehicles
• Monitoring visitor traffic in parking areas and no-parking zones
• Responding to elevator entrapment, fires and other emergency situations, and assisting with evacuations
• Managing visitor lists, deliveries and construction crews, using our state-of-the-art app

Executive Protection
If you need executive protection, AS Solution, our wholly-owned subsidiary, offers a range of services that includes residential protection, secure travel services, protective surveillance and covert protection. We also offer risk, threat and vulnerability assessments and program design, staffing and management services if you wish to build or improve your own executive protection program.

Ad hoc/Special Events
Board and shareholder meetings, celebrations, and media and other events shouldn’t be marred by security concerns. Whether your event is large or small, our managers combine the optimal mix of visible and discreet deterrents to protect your guests and ensure a successful event.



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