First Security, part of SOS Security family since 2018, is pleased to announce it has joined Allied Universal Security. 

Independently audited and evaluated by CALSAGA, the California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates, First Security Services is the only contract security company awarded the highest professional rating of “Certified Security Services Provider” by CALSAGA.

With a focus on safety, protection, confidentiality and discretion, our services cater directly to the needs of our clients. We view our customers as an integral part of the community and put their needs first, as opposed to becoming a lost statistic in a vast national database.

In short, if you have a security need, First Security Services can offer a highly capable and trusted solution. For a free quote or other related questions, contact us at 1-800-778-3017 or complete the short form to the right and click submit.

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Vehicle Patrol

Alarm Response
Armed & Unarmed Security
Residential Security
Office & Construction Site Security
Loss Prevention
Special Event Security
Executive Protection & Corporate Security
Water Usage Monitoring Security Guards

Private Security Guard

First Security Services provides private security guards and patrol services to companies and private individuals with armed and unarmed uniformed private security contractors. Our protective division also provides confidential and discreet private services. Contact us today to discuss your specific security needs.

Providing Private Security Guards & Contractors
– Apartments
– Construction Sites
– Automobile Dealerships
– Condominiums
– Hotels
– Motels
– Homeowner Associates Communities (HOA & POA, Public, Private Property)
– Home- Builders Job Sites
– Unsecure Locations (Private and Business)
– Personal Protection
– Deterring Disorderly Conduct
– Crowd Control
– And More…

1-800-778-3017 – Call us today for more information on our private security guards.

Temporary Security Guards & Services

Whether you are in need of temporary security guards to hire for a special event or to cover vacation or sick time for existing employees, First Security Services can meet your needs.

Temporary Security Guards For
School tour groups
Private parties
Political conventions
Awards shows
Sales and marketing events
Traffic or crowd control
Holiday shopping center patrol
And more…

First Security Services specializes in assisting your event planners with security preparation, threat assessment, issue prevention and patrol. We have experience in event crowd control and, if necessary, crisis response. We know the safety and security of event staff and attendees Is your top priority and First Security Services will work with you to design a custom plan for your event.

College & School Campus Security Guards

1-800-778-3017 – Call us today for more information on our college university/school campus security guards and patrol services.

Security on the campus of a college or university requires vigilance from all members of the community. First Security Services provides a comprehensive plan for security at multiple institutions of higher education in relation to personal safety, access control, and physical security. We understand the economic struggles faced by many college universities and schools, and therefore we will work with you to develop a customized plan for security that meets the needs of your institution.

Our College/School Security Guard Integrated Approach
– Armed and unarmed onsite security
– Randomized patrol
– Dedicated vehicle patrol
– Onsite foot patrol
– Onsite bike patrol
– Parking and wand time tracking systems
– Building safety programs
– Crime prevention programming
– Risk management and assessments
– Security technology
– Physical security
– Event management tools
– Crisis planning and response
– Emergency response
– 24- hour standby response service

First Security Services’ security staff is specifically trained to address the needs of the higher education market. We are a value-added resource that aids in helping colleges and universities meet their specific diverse social, cultural, and academic missions.

Our focused security initiative:

– Assessments
– Situational analysis
– Detailed prevention and resolution planning
– Prevention and resolution for safety and security problems

1-800-778-3017 – Call us today for more information on our college and school campus security guards.

Unarmed Security Guards & Services

There are a variety of situations in which you’ll need a security guard’s presence, but not the weaponry. The visible presence alone is a strong deterrent against criminal activities. If you need security for bodily protection, it’s nice to know that unarmed security guards for hire are often trained in defense techniques, such as karate, and their excellent physical condition in addition to extensive training will serve to protect often better than a weapon.

Situations for an unarmed guard

In food stores & supermarkets
Retail stores
Shopping malls
Public schools
Private schools
College and university campuses
Escorting wealthy individuals on shopping trips
Bodyguards for business executives
Bodyguards for celebrities

Retail Store & Shopping Mall Security Guard Services

First Security Services’ staff of experienced retail and shopping mall security guards has training in loss prevention. Whether your retail facility prefers armed or unarmed security, we can meet your preferences. Our mall and retail store security services include:

24-hour manned guard service
Scheduled mobile patrol service
Assistance with lost children
Lock and alarm service
Theft prevention
Customer Service
Enforcement of Parking Lot Restrictions
Enforcement of Delivery Procedures
Fire Watch
Crowd Control
Lock-Up & Alarm Service
Loss Prevention
Theft and Vandalism Deterrence
Online Daily Reports
Lost Vehicle Assistance
Escorting Guests

Office Building Security Guards & Services

In the years since our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, there has been a sharp rise in the use of office building security guards for hire (and even home offices). The peace of mind brought about by securing a guard or patrol services over office buildings often offsets the cost of protective services. First Security Services is able to design a custom security plan for your business or office building that will meet your budget needs.

Common duties of office security staff
Insure appropriate foot traffic in and out of office
Ensure compliance of building rules or agency regulations
Observe and report incidents which may result in loss or damage to property or equipment
Ensure the safety of employees, residents, and visitors
Guard buildings, grounds, and parking areas
Staff a watch post
Make security rounds at periodic, non-regular intervals inside and outside facility
Direct traffic and control parking
Perform key tours and building checks

Benefits of maintaining office security
Provision of a security program entices new tenants
Ability to facilitate a “badging system” whereby all visitors are required to wear a badge with a picture ID
Additional eyes to ensure fire doors are not blocked
Trained guards to assist in first aid in case of injury
Ability to form evacuation teams in the event of an emergency
Provision of an officer who can operate fire-fighting equipment
Professional protection with guards who have the ability to work courteously and effectively with diverse populations

Call us today to find out how our trained and experienced office building security guards will keep your property in good hands.

Water Usage Monitoring Security Guard Services

There are many challenges in being able to effectively carry out water usage monitoring security services, especially ones that are commercial in nature. Being able to continuously monitor water usage in order to make sure that there isn’t any wasting of water can be a unique challenge. First Security Services has devoted a considerable amount of resources to aid you in managing your domestic commercial water usage and will be able to provide a combination of security guards and alarm systems that will make sure that you’re not paying more than you have to on your water bills.

Our Water Usage Monitoring Security Services includes:
Scheduled security guard patrols
Specialized alarm systems for water monitoring
Fast response time in the face of any suspicious wasting of resources
Security consultation in managing water usage, as well as a full assessment of current use
Ensuring that certain water quality monitoring alarms are operating correctly
Spotting any leaks or excessive use of water

Water resources can be wasted in a host of different ways, whether it’s a leaking faucet, a running toilet, or a pipe that has been broken. First Security Service’s combination of security alarms, patrol guards, and fast response time will help to ensure that you’re not wasting any resources. These are services that can also be beneficial to landlords who have to monitor water usage for a large commercial residence.

The efficient use of water is not only extremely important in controlling water usage costs every month, but it’s also quite important in protecting the environment as well. Contact First Security Services today and you’ll be surprised at the benefits that our water usage monitoring security services can provide!

Construction Site Security Guards & Services

In today’s society, construction site management cannot leave protective services up to the police. Increases in vandalism, crime, and theft indicate that criminals have become much smarter, more organized, and more brazen. This has led to an increased demand in construction site security guards and patrol for hire.

At First Security Services, we can create a customized, strategic plan for protective services at your commercial or construction site. We have experience dealing with internal and external security threats.
Construction Site Protection:
Deter theft of construction equipment or materials
Deter vandalism on site
Control all visitors to the job site
Maintain a list of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors to the site
Foot patrol of job site
Secure entrance and exit areas of site during non-operational hours
Maintain watch over site equipment
Guard office trailers
Inspection of fencing and surrounding perimeter for security breaches
Call us today to begin the customized security plan for your construction site.

Financial Bank Security Guards & Services

If you manage an institution that handles financial services, you are aware of the concern for security. First Security Services provides executive financial banking security guards and patrol services for hire who keep order, protect your property, enforce regulations, and ensure the safety of employees and clients.

We recognize that security needs can vary widely in the world of finances. Whether your bank is in a high rise, a local branch office, or the headquarters of financial operations, First Security services will work with you to customize a securities plan.

Typical security guard duties (not limited to these)
Deter crime via high visibility
Patrol interior and exterior of facility
Observe and report suspicious activity
Provide escort services for high value movements
Directional support to bank visitors
Assist with opening and closing of facility
Escort bank employees safely to their vehicles

Our commitment to your protection includes comprehensive guard against the threat of robbery. Whether you prefer armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain-clothes, First Security Services can meet your bank security needs.

To get started on your banking security plan, contact us today!

Armed Security Guards & Services

The armed security guards for hire at First Security Services are trained and licensed in the use of firearms. Even more importantly, our guards have demonstrated calm temperaments and the social skills needed to prevail in potentially volatile environments.

Situations typically needing armed guards:

Protection of monies
Protection of artwork
Protection of jewelry
Protection of valuable documents
Protection of rare books
Protection of high-profile people
Escort for physical fund transfer
Crowd control
Deterrent to theft in retail areas
Crime deterrent at sports or entertainment venues

The armed security guards and patrol services at First Security Services will detect, deter, observe and report any potential threat to the safety of your employees, visitors, or building. Call us today to begin the safety conversation.

Vehicle Patrol Security Guards & Services

In addition to a multitude of protective services, First Security Services also offers vehicle patrol services for your property. Especially in the case of a large facility or landmass, vehicle security patrol for hire may best serve your security needs.
Typical vehicle patrol services:
GPS tracking
Parking enforcement
Monitor/ access locks in common areas
Complaint response
Gate house officer
Randomized patrol
Traffic control
Tenant response
Vendor response
Fire watch
Uniformed and plainclothes officers
Eviction assistance

A vehicle patrol is a highly visible presence that provides a strong deterrence for criminal activity. It also gives comfort and peace of mind to your customers, residents, or members. Our professional, law-enforcement style vehicles and uniformed guards use the latest technology to ensure the ultimate in security services.

Call First Security Services today to begin patrol services for your organization.

Sporting Events Security Guards & Services

With reliable security in place, you are able to focus on providing the crowd with and enjoyable event experience. Let First Security Services take the concern of safety off your shoulders. We provide complete security guards and vehicle patrol services for all major sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other high-profile activities. Our trained and experienced security guards for hire are alert and able to pay special attention to detail from preplanning to the conclusion of your event.

First Security Services also provides protection and securities for high-profile attendees, including executives, VIPs, celebrities, corporate officers, etc.

A snapshot of available sporting event security guard services:
Uniformed or plainclothes officers
Risk assessment
Security management planning
Highly visible security presence
Crowd control
Evacuation planning and implementation
Access control
Traffic and parking enforcement
Fire watch
Escort services for high-profile attendees
Mobile and foot patrol
Metal detector operation
First aid

Special Event Security Guards & Services

First Security Services is committed to providing unparalleled proactive security for your special event. Our trained and experienced security and patrol staff for hire will work with you to design a custom security plan to fit your needs and budget.

General Special Event Types:
Private parties
Charity events
Business gatherings
Red-carpet events
Black tie affairs
Political events
Fund raisers
Music concert tour stop

First Security Services has a wide range of security services available to meet your special event needs, no matter if you are a private individual, a major corporation, or an entertainment industry executive. We have experience providing security for a variety of event locations. No job is too small!

Sample event locations:
5 star hotel
No one can plan for every contingency, but First Security Services can help you analyze your upcoming event and tailor a security plan that allows attendees to feel safe and have a great time. Call us today to begin your risk-assessment.

Video Surveillance Companies & Services

Certain property types, such as construction sites, utility service centers/ substations, material yards, and car dealerships necessitate live surveillance due to their size. A security camera system or CCTV surveillance system gives the client many options:

Monitoring by the client or a live guard
Off sight or on-sight video security
Overt or covert surveillance
Monitoring remotely from anywhere in the world

Our video surveillance option allows nothing to escape capture; no matter if it is used to verify theft, vandalism, or employee misconduct. Our alarm monitoring services also ensure rapid response in the event of a threat.

Call First Security Services today for a unique video surveillance quote.

Healthcare Security Guards & Hospital Patrol Services

In contrast to office or other business related securities, providing armed and unarmed protective services to healthcare facilities involves a unique set of understandings and requirements. First Security Services has experienced and trained hospital security guards and vehicle patrol services for hire ready to ensure the safety of your patients, residents, visitors, staff, and property.

Types of healthcare facilities:
Assisted living facilities
Nursing homes
Psychiatric units
Long term care facilities

Our guards have experience in:
Emergency room security
Parking lot security
Medical escort services
Access control officers (entry and exit)
Concierge and security receptionist
Intake officers
Traffic and parking control
Visitor screening and authorization
Violence prevention

We know that your mission in healthcare cannot be achieved without a safe and secure environment. The security personnel at First Security Services are trained in the variety of skills necessary in the medical setting.
Security personnel training:
Interpersonal skills
HIPPA Requirements
Fire Safety
Emergency Situations / Procedures
Evacuation Plans & Drills
OHSA Standards
Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training

At First Security services, we work closely with our clients to design a customized security management plan that fits the needs and budget of your facility. This plan is maintained and reviewed to ensure that security and safety procedures are evaluated and adjusted to provide optimum security services. Our goal is to provide for your healthcare facility the most comprehensive security plan possible.

Pharmaceutical/Biotech Security Guards & Services

Many unique security challenges are faced in health systems, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and biotech research facilities. There is a flow of personnel, staff, patients, and visitors in an environment that can be hectic, fast-paced, and requires strict attention to confidentiality. First Security Services understands this unique need. We have experience in the smaller, private realm, the larger, complex public facility, and a variety of university settings.

Typical pharmaceutical security guards and vehicle patrol role:

Patrol facility and man guard post
Serve as a general security presence
Attend to client rule infractions
Watch for and monitor suspicious activities
Watch for criminal acts or client rule infractions
Watch for potential threat(s) to the property, client, or employees
Report all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies
Respond to emergencies, such as medical and/or bomb threats
Know and follow emergency response proceedings for fire and intrusion

Warehouse Security Guards & Services

Those seeking security at a warehouse site are often concerned with two risks: 1)vandalism, and 2) theft. This is typical considering a warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading/ unloading materials. The security defense team at First Security Services will provide you with peace of mind from knowing your Warehouse is protected by experienced and highly trained guards.

Warehouse security guards
Threat analysis for internal theft/ shrinkage
Access Control
Camera/ surveillance monitoring
Guard against employee misconduct
24-hour protection of building and materials

Contact us today to secure your warehouse in the most effective way possible.

Airport Security Guards & Services

First Security Services offers trained and experienced guards who specialize in air service security. We are proud to be the preferred security provider for the Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport. Our proven system incorporates accountability at multiple levels to ensure air service security is not compromised.

Typical services may include:

Boarding services (pre- and post- flight)
Aircraft security
Aircraft access control
Ramp security
Inspection of hold and exterior areas
Securing of pre-boarding aircraft cabin
Inspection of duty-free seal
Catering security
Security of cargo warehouse
Cargo escort services
Breach response
Document verification
Passenger screening
Parking lot security
Traffic control
Vehicle and foot patrols

Executive/ High Profile Protection and Estate Security Division

Corporate executives, public figures and people in need of protection utilize our management team when requiring expertise in personal protection. Each client has requirements and expectations that are unique and special to their own needs.

Our Protection Division has a unique operational program that sets us apart from other private security companies. Our senior managers consist of ex-law enforcement officers and ranking staff as well as military officers. With Department permission, our Protection Agents in the field are comprised of active federal and local law enforcement officers with tremendous operational experience.

First Security Services offers the following executive protection services:

Corporate Executive Protection
Public Figure Protection
Estate Protection Agents
Custom Estate Command Centers
Domestic & International Traveling Teams
Event Logistics and Planning
Close Protection
Personnel Protection

If you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quote call us at 1-800-778-3017 today!

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Top Reasons To Hire Private Security
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Crowd control security
For graduation parties
For hotels
For protecting expensive equipment
For vacant buildings
For vacant houses (real estate for sale)
Mall security
Neighborhood watch security
Overnight security (grave shift)
Parking lot security
Property check when on vacation
Security for business
Security for checking ID’s
Security for construction site
Security for corporate affairs
Security for escorting guests
Security for monitoring guest lists
Security for music festival (concert security)
Security for private events
Security for private party
Security for public events
Security for quinceañeras
Security for weddings
Security for when alcohol is being served
Security to prevent shoplifters
Short term security
When there are large amounts of money or assets around