Essential to the security of a healthcare facility is a site-specific operational plan. An effective operational plan must take into consideration your facility’s – whether that be a hospital, medical center or pharmaceutical – distinctive challenges in a budget- conscious manner. Our plans will address your particular vulnerabilities, sensitive areas, security inefficiencies, and general operations by working closely with your hospital administrators.

SOS Security believes that there is a direct correlation between training standards and service quality. As a result, our Training Institute has a number of courses tailored to the healthcare industry. They follow and support the guidelines established by The Joint Commission (TJC) and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS).

We believe in being proactive and providing defensive steps to enhance security measures. Others services offered by our security staff include:

  • Foot and/or vehicle patrols
  • Unlocking of doors for deliveries
  • Promptly respond to emergency situations
  • Check in of visitors and guests
  • Monitor visitor traffic in parking areas and no-parking zones
  • Direct smokers to designated areas
  • With the oversight of hospital personnel complete patient watches and restraints
  • Escort staff to vehicles after hours
  • Assist with evacuation policies
  • Patrol of parking facilities
  • Respond to suspicious packages
  • Conduct identification checks



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