The goal of fire, life and workplace safety services is to prevent and reduce personal injuries and property losses due to fires and other emergency incidents, including natural and man-made disasters. Fire and life safety service providers achieve these objectives through a combination of analytical, preventative and remedial measures that include risk assessment, audits, program development, training, consulting and emergency response.

Organizations contract with fire and life safety service providers to fulfill their duty of care toward employees, visitors and shareholders; to ensure compliance with applicable codes, standards and guidelines; and to reduce preventable exposure to financial and legal liabilities. Critical stakeholders on the client side include those responsible for security, facility management, real estate, insurance and risk mitigation.

SOS Security’s fire and life safety services are driven by five guiding principles:

The best technical expertise: Our fire and life safety team consists of experts with extensive backgrounds from both public and private sectors and in all relevant aspects of analysis, prevention and remediation.

Experience in tailoring programs within complex corporate environments: Our deep experience across a wide spectrum of corporate clients with facilities worldwide enables us to customize programs so they combine local compliance with established international best practices and corporate cultures and values – consistently and reliably, wherever the client needs them.

Comprehensive range of dedicated services in-house: Our experts handle all key aspects in-house, including risk analyses and audits, program development, manuals, training and reporting. Furthermore, as part of SOS Security, we can offer corporate clients a broad range of related security offers, all with a single point of contact.

Seamless integration with other security services: Just as municipal first responders must carefully coordinate which department does what in emergencies, it is critical that corporate emergency response efforts – from fire and life safety stakeholders, to security personnel and technology – all be thoughtfully aligned. SOS Security has decades of experience in integrating multiple security disciplines for seamless coverage.

A global network of local expertise: Most of our larger corporate clients are active worldwide. That’s why SOS Security’s team of fire and life safety experts has established a global network of experts – all with extensive local experience in fire and life safety compliance and consulting. Managed centrally to ensure global consistency, our worldwide team of vetted partners assures corporations that the highest agreed standards are followed no matter where the facility is located.

Our fire and life safety services

• Fire and life safety risk assessments
• Fire and life safety inspections and audits to ensure compliance with NFPA and other codes and standards
• Fire and life safety emergency action plans and procedures (develop, review, maintain, train)
• Fire and life safety reporting systems
• Fire and life safety on-site preparation awareness and training (manuals, drills, etc.)
• Fire team recruitment & retention (floor fire teams, fire brigades, etc.)
• Emergency response / Crisis intervention / Emergency relocation services
• 24-hour command center operations