SOS Security LLC, one of the nation’s largest privately-owned security companies, recently acquired Guardian Guard Services, a division of Guardian Alarm and a leading provider of security solutions in Michigan and Ohio.

“We are excited to join SOS Security,” said David Beeler, Vice President of Operations, “Joining forces with the nation’s fifth largest provider of security personnel will allow us to focus on our core competencies, which will be critical in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, and help us expand to adjacent and international markets.”  Read press release.

SOS Security Security Personnel Services

Security personnel services provide organizations with the staff and equipment they need to protect their people and property, and to keep operations running smoothly. Organizations rely on security personnel not only to fulfill their duty of care and minimize their liabilities, but also to provide peace of mind for their employees, customers and other guests.

In conjunction with appropriate training, procedures and technology, security personnel are effective deterrents against trespassing and more serious crimes such as vandalism, robbery or personal harm. In the event of emergencies such as crime, natural disaster, fire or personal injury, security personnel are vital resources who supplement first responders by providing immediate assistance and care. Finally, organizations depend on security personnel as brand and customer service ambassadors: Security officers interact regularly with employees and customers, often as the first company touchpoint, to allow them site access, help them find their way, and provide other assistance as needed.

Mission-focused Security Solutions 

Driven by our clients’ evolving security needs, SOS Security provides a comprehensive range of security personnel services for many needs and contexts, including:

  • Fixed sites, temporary sites, and emergency response locations
  • Armed and/or unarmed officers
  • Uniformed and/or non-uniformed officers

Our solutions comprise people, procedures and technology for all relevant security personnel applications:

  • Perimeter and access control: Surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection, etc.
  • Campus, building, office, facility control: Concierge/receptionist, security screening, visitor control and badging, fixed watches and mobile patrols, emergency and evacuation procedures, parking and traffic surveillance, etc.
  • Special events/temporary locations: Perimeter and access control, onsite security, surveillance, etc.
  • Command centers: Designing and staffing on- or offsite command centers and global security operations centers
  • Training: First aid, CPR and AED, fire safety and other courses for our own and clients’ staffs
  • Audits and assessments: Risk, threat and vulnerability assessments; operational safety assessments
  • Emergency response: Rapid deployment of security officers and crisis response teams, workplace incident response, evacuations, and other security services on-demand

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, ask. We’ve either done it or we’re able and willing to work with you to meet your needs.