Emergency Security Support

Weathering the Storm

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Challenge

Hurricane damage costs, on average of $28 billion a year, estimates the Congressional Budget Office. So, when hurricane season started in 2018, a communications client knew they would need a partner to mitigate the imminent threats to their infrastructure, people and mobile assets. It wasn’t long before two powerful back-to-back hurricanes took aim at the southeastern United States in 2018. Each storm presented unique challenges and threatened the client’s critical business infrastructure, physical assets, and human capital. Having learned about the support SOS Security provided previously in those regions during Hurricanes Irma and Maria, they contacted SOS Security.

The Solution

SOS Security’s SURG (Security Urgent Response Group) is a rapid deployment of special teams to manage crises. SURG officers are located throughout the world, ready to deploy when called. Each member brings unique expertise allowing us to help clients with a multitude of scenarios. Leaders have access to on-demand technology and equipment that provide essential information and assistance.

For each storm, the client and SOS Security worked together to develop a crisis management and business continuity plan. Roughly 36 hours prior to landfall, the SURG crisis response was enacted at both the strategic and tactical levels. Our crisis response centered around mobile teams sent to monitor conditions and assets during the storm. This ensured uninterrupted communications, asset tracking and fuel sources.

The key ingredient was the quality and character of the men and women who comprised these mobile security teams. Each was carefully selected based on skillset and experience. In addition to technology and supplies, these teams knew the client’s vision as to how they wanted and intended to alleviate the horrific impact of these storms. This enabled our officers to act cohesively and in lock step with the client’s continuity and disaster recovery plan.

They worked in 12-hour shifts and remained operational without lodging or electricity. They carefully created relationships with first responders, police officers, and residents, which allowed each group to share information and skills.

Teams, combined with precise overwatch and planning from incident command utilizing real time tracking, weather, and road condition overlays, provided the resources to sustain our field teams and keep them focused on their missions of providing the support needed by our clients to restore and maintain their infrastructure.

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The SOS Security Partnership Advantage

  • The client was able to secure their physical assets and human capital.
  • SURG provided the client with their first available images in these inaccessible sites.
  • Situational awareness garnered by our mobile security teams was utilized to guide client resources into
    the impacted area.
  • In the case of Hurricane Florence, the client used SOS Security’s mobile security teams to deliver
    product to the most challenging and isolated regions because of their knowledge of the landscape and
    impacted terrain.
  • They were able to drastically reduce the time it took to reestablish the network in the affected areas,
    which benefited consumers and enabled first responders to operate and communicate more efficiently.
  • SURG completed their mission without mishaps, accidents, or casualties. Skilled team members, cutting-edge technology, and carefully designed plans helped create a speedy response to the client’s customers.
  • SOS Security provided the necessary safety for both the people and assets while also supplying information to those working hard to help the victims of this natural disaster.