When the forecast calls for an approaching hurricane, most people begin preparing for evacuation. An exception, SOS Security’s SURG (Security Urgent Response Group), which deploys in severe weather scenarios to support client operations.

During hurricane Dorian, the team served on the frontline in our response to support the client’s mobile assets as they move into impacted areas. Over half of the team supported last year in during hurricanes in North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle. Also, half of the team is comprised of veterans. The incident commander (IC), David Ramirez (far right – back row) has 30 years of industry experience (Marine Veteran) and has run hurricane relief operations for every major hurricane that has hit the southeastern U.S. since Katrina in New Orleans, where he spearheaded Tulane University’s response to Katrina.

That’s the SOS Security difference: the quality of our people plus technology; each officer is armed with a GPS device that is tracked 24/7 on a single platform by the IC who mans a mobile command center driving operation from the impacted area. This gives our clients real-time information and increased speed of movement to response operations.

Each deployed officer is self-sustained for 96 hours with enough supplies and redundant communications to remain operational and effective until resupplied. Read more about our hurricane emergency preparedness and response here.

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