Event security services help event planners and organizers achieve successful events by providing personnel, procedures and technology that protect people and assets.

Event organizers rely on event security services to fulfill their duty of care relative to financial and legal liabilities, comply with legislative and law enforcement demands, and protect the organization’s reputation.

Event security providers mitigate risk by assessing threats and vulnerabilities, developing security strategies and plans, and deploying people and tools that deter security breaches and react quickly should emergencies arise.

Our approach to event security

Working closely with our clients, SOS Security applies the same rigorous approach to events large and small.

We begin with a realistic assessment of the threats facing the event and the venue’s security vulnerabilities, then design security solutions that deliver maximum risk mitigation with available resources.

The SOS Security approach places great importance on optimizing the guest experience without compromising security. Our managers draw on years of corporate experience to achieve the optimal mix of visible deterrents and discreet response when needed, so that organizers and guests can enjoy events without thinking about effective security.


  • Comprehensive staffing, from officers to managers and other specialists including TSCM, intelligence analysts and K9 crews
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Event security planning and strategies
  • Screening of people and packages
  • First aid
  • Traffic control
  • Emergency event services on short notice



Corporate events including product launches, board and shareholder meetings, trade shows, roadshows, celebrations and more.

Media events including live broadcasts of sports and entertainment.