When planning a special event or gathering, the overall outcome of the event can greatly be affected by having a reputable service to insure the safety and well-being of the guests that may be in attendance. Corporate meetings, fire watch details, off-hour construction projects, and other social gathers that are noteworthy of media attention should have a professional special events security service in place. Our highly trained professionals have expert skills and experience in areas such as situation assessment, surveillance, crowd control, emergency evacuation procedures and interception techniques.

SOS Security provides security services and solutions for clients in many different markets, domestically and overseas. In addition to our Fortune 1000 clients, we work with several charitable organizations and fundraisers, ranging from small, private affairs to large-scale, major operations. Our network of over 40 branch offices, in conjunction with a 24-Hour Corporate Command Center, we provide support to all domestic and international operations. With access to over 10,000 employees globally, we at ready to provide security operations support, on short notice, around the world.

Special Events – We have a great deal of experience with special event security including corporate shareholder meetings, trade-shows, conventions, concerts, sporting events, fashion shows, movie premiers, and other red-carpet high profile events.

Emergency and Tactical Response – The instant an emergency call comes in, SOS dispatchers immediately identify the issue and direct highly trained Emergency Response officers to the designated emergency site.