SOS Security Training Academy

Training is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to work in security, and is also a key component of recruiting, developing and motivating high-quality security teams.

Since mandatory training requirements for the certification and licensing of armed and unarmed security officers vary significantly from country to country, and from state to state within the U.S., adherence to minimum training standards for security officers offers little quality assurance per se. Generally speaking, the more robust the training requirements and standards, the higher the quality of the security program.

Because training and program quality are so intimately connected, and because many essential security skills are perishable and require regular training to maintain, training should be considered a fundamental component of security program management and budgets. Unfortunately, this fact is often overlooked in competitive bidding situations. In our experience, cost-cutting on training might win bids in the short term, but it never leads to long-term success.

Our approach to training

Training and ongoing professional development are vital components of SOS Security’s quality and HR strategies.

We have a dedicated training organization, the SOS Security Training Academy (SSTA), that provides a broad range of high-quality learning opportunities for our employees. Staffed and run in-house, the SSTA delivers entry-level and advanced courses that both ensure program quality and help our employees to advance their careers.

In addition to a host of technical and security certification courses to help our staff’s personal development and excel in service delivery, SSTA also provides courses in everything from customer service, diversity and leadership. We also provide tailor-made courses for clients in areas such as first aid and fire and safety.

In order to make training as accessible as possible to our many employees, SSTA has pioneered a variety of innovative online training formats in addition to traditional classroom teaching. These include web-based courses, a collaborative intranet, live-video training for personnel in remote locations, and apps that promote ongoing quality assurance.


  • Classroom training
  • Online training
  • Live webinars
  • Client-specific training
  • On-the-job training


The SOS Security Training Academy provides courses for our own staff, and when needed, client employees.

Whether an individual starting a new career or fulfilling renewal requirements, or bolstering the readiness of your security team, the SOS Security Training Academy classes can help improve skills, readiness and potential – Register today!